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Stefan gets his Brown Belt in BJJ

Today marks Stefan‘s one year anniversary with the ZUMA martial arts team. Over the past year it has been great having his SpongeBob SquarePants positivity at the gym. Last night Dan and I had the pleasure of presenting Stefan with his Brown Belt in BJJ, I look forward to watching his improvement over the next year. So, when you see him at the school give him a congrats, then arm drag him!!!

Another Team BJJ Trophy

Congratulations to all the ZUMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters who competed at the Katana Ohana BJJ Tournament. With only a few members able to compete our Victoria team won the third place team trophy!!!

Roewn has a neck full of GOLD!!!

The ZUMA BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) team has been busy competing over the last couple of weeks. Congrats goes out to our BJJ warrior Roewn on winning 4 gold medals and two swords at NAGA in Texas!!!

Seattle Open IBJJF Tournament

Congratulations to the ZUMA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes who travelled across the border to compete and represent our team at the Seattle Open! Ben stole the show finishing all his matches by submission, which resulted in him winning gold in his second tournament. We are going to get back to training hard in Victoria to improve for the next tournament!



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Thank you for your Support!

On December 25th 2015 Lyndsie and I welcomed our son Augustus to our family. Our boy arrived at 4:49 pm and weighed a WHOPPING 5.2 pounds of fury (i just like to say that, he was quiet and really sweet). Thank you to our ZUMA family who showered us with love and support, it is absolutely amazing to have such a wonderful community around us.

Father and Daughter Team

ZUMA once again had a great showing at the Katana BJJ Tournament on August 8. From the youth divisions up to masters, all of our competitors trained, competed and represented the ZUMA team at their best. With Mei Lin, Bowen and Finley all being first time competitors in the youth divisions, it was amazing to watch their confidence build en route to podium appearances. Danny, who has now transitioned into the juvenile division, earned an impressive gold medal in his showing!

Our adult BJJ competitors were equally as impressive with Aaron taking home 2 gold, Andrew and Joshua silver, and Zac bronze. Not on the podium – but with some good fights – were Shannon, Cameron and Darron to round out the ZUMA competitors. We are proud of all of the effort that was put into training and preparation for the tournament by everyone, but especially excited to have had our first father – daughter competitors in Aaron and Mei Lin.

BJJ for kids

Get your kids involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!